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School Summer Holiday – Plan Ahead to Make It Stress-Free for Everyone

Learn how separated parents can plan stress-free summer holidays, including mediation benefits & legal advice for practical co-parenting.

Court Fees Increasing in 2024 – But Not For Divorce Applications

Explore the latest UK family court fee updates: divorce fees stay at £593, while other fees rise. Understand the impact and get tips on navigating changes.

Buying a House at Auction: Do I Need a Solicitor?

Discover the essentials of buying a house at auction, from advantages & risks to legal advice, ensuring a smooth & informed purchase process.

Navigating Probate – A Comprehensive Guide for DIY Executors in the UK

Comprehensive guide to DIY probate in the UK. Navigate common pitfalls, asset valuation, and will disputes with expert advice and practical tips.

How the UK’s New Vision for Family Justice Impacts You

The recent vision statement by the Lord Chancellor and Senior Judiciary marks a transformative approach to justice. Find out more here!

How to Avoid Probate Delays – A Guide for Bereaved Families

Discover how to navigate probate delays with expert tips from Dootsons Solicitors LLP, ensuring a smoother process for bereaved families.

Finding a Way Through Divorce Under One Roof – Lessons from Cazalet v Abu-Zalaf

Explore key divorce tips when living together, with insights from the groundbreaking Cazalet v Abu-Zalaf case, for a smoother legal journey.

The Power of Education and Mediation in Supporting Children Through Family Changes

Explore how UK schools support children during family changes with education strategies and mental health initiatives.

Understanding Equity Release: Unleashing Your Asset’s Potential

Equity release can be a powerful financial tool, offering you a way to tap into the wealth tied up in your home.

Predatory Marriages – Protecting Vulnerable Loved Ones

Daphne Franks tragically lost her mother to a predatory marriage and has been a rallying cry for change. Find out why!

A Comprehensive Guide to Navigating Contested Wills and the Probate Process

In the UK, 3 in 4 people will likely experience contested wills, inheritance, or probate disputes. Here's what you need to know!