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Important Things to Consider When Separating or Getting Divorced

There are a number of important things to consider, and steps to be taken, on the breakdown of a relationship or marriage.

How Best to Support Children During the Divorce Process

Children go through the divorce process with you. Here are some pieces of advice that we hope will assist you during this difficult process.

Divorcing Couples living together during lockdown

COVID-19 has had an impact on everything. Here are some tips to help you through divorce and living together during lockdown.

No Fault Divorce

The bill removing fault from the divorce came into effect in Autumn, but what will this mean for the future?

“Blue Monday” – The busiest day for divorce lawyers?

Does that impact of "Blue Monday" effect divorce rates? Take a closer look with us at why this might be the case.

Can I get divorced in Lockdown?

Want to know if you can still get divorced during lockdown? Here we answer the most important questions during this difficult time.

Interruption to Residential Possession Claims – Covid 19 Update

In an important announcement concerning residential landlord and tenant matters. Click here to find out more!

Hermes Driver Employment Status to be Challenged at Tribunal

Logistics company Hermes faces tribunal action over whether its drivers are self-employed, employees or workers. Check out our latest post here!

Employment Tribunal Fees to be Scrapped and Those Paid Refunded

New laws have created additional demands on landlords and agents. It is important not to get caught out.

Litigants In Person Ought Not To Receive Favourable Treatment

Consistent with a Judgment earlier in the year, the court has recently confirmed that unrepresented litigants ought not to receive favourable treatment by the court and Judges.

SFE Member Urges Local Residents to Check Eligibility for LPA Refund

Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE) member urges Leigh, Culcheth and Newton-le-Willows residents to check eligibility for LPA refund.

Important Updates for Residential Landlords

New laws have created additional demands on landlords and agents. It is important not to get caught out.