Residential Conveyancing – Fees scale

Residential Conveyancing

Conveyancing Services
Sale or Purchase - Fee Scale

Transactional – Sale and Purchase

£0 – £150,000.00 £765.00
£150,001.00 – £250,000.00 £860.00
£250,001.00 – £350,000.00 £1,000.00
£350,001.00 – £450,000.00 £1,200.00
£450,001.00 – £500,000.00 £1,395.00
£500,001.00 – £600,000.00 £1,535.00
£600,001.00 – £700,000.00 £1,655.00
£700,001.00 – £800,000.00 £2,090.00
£800,001.00 – £900,000.00 £2,290.00
£900,001.00 – £1 million £2,510.00

Over £1 million add £240.00 for every additional £100,000.00 or part thereof

Equity Release  £1,850.00
Right to Buy £550.00
Purchase Freehold Reversion – non-drafting of Transfer £500.00
Purchase Freehold Reversion – drafting Transfer £1,000.00
Re-Mortgage (no charge) £375.00
Re-Mortgage (with charge) £500.00
Assent/Transfer of Equity (no charge) £700.00
Assent/Transfer of Equity (with existing charge) £900.00
Assent/Transfer of Equity with Remortgage £900.00
Redemption of Mortgage only £250.00
Transfer of Equity – Check documents only £1,080.00
Transfer and Assent £700.00
Transfer, Assent and First Registration £850.00 (FH) – £950.00 (LH
HS2 Sales
Without CPO or Compensation Usual Transactional fees
With CPO Up to £400,000 – £900.00 plus VAT
£400,001 – £700,000 – £1,500.00 plus VAT
£700,001 – £1 million – £2,100.00
Over £1 million add £240 for every £100,000
Help to Buy Redemption:
Local Authority:
No new mortgage/Further Advance £300.00
With new mortgage/Further Advance £510.00
Target etc:
No new mortgage/Further Advance £540.00
With new mortgage/Further Advance £750.00
1st Reg Post Portal Part Property Vol
£0 – £80,000.00 £45.00 £20.00 £45.00 £30.00
£80,000.00 – £100,000.00 £95.00 £40.00 £95.00 £70.00
£100,000.00 – £200,000.00 £230.00 £100.00 £230.00 £170.00
£200,000.00 – £500,000.00 £330.00 £150.00 £330.00 £495.00
£500,000.00 – £1 million £655.00 £295.00 £655.00 £495.00
£1 million and over £1,105.00 £500.00 £1105.00 £830.00
Additional Costs @ 24th April 2023

Each property has its unique aspects, and we recognise that. Once we get to know the details of your specific transaction – whether you’re buying or selling – we’ll be able to provide you with a clear idea of any extra legal fees you might face. This way, you’ll know exactly what to expect cost-wise right from the start. Below is a guide to help you understand what these might include:

1. Telegraphic Transfer Fee £30.00
2. Acting for Additional lender / Bridging Finance £200.00
3. Bridging Finance POA
4. Help to Buy (non ISA) £350.00
5. ANY Property with Management Company Involvement Purchase £750.00
Sale £550.00
5. ANY Property with Management Company Involvement
6. Long Leasehold £75.00
7. Freehold Rentcharge £75.00
8. Shared Ownership – Sale £750.00
9. Shared Ownership – Purchase Leasehold £500.00
Freehold £400.00
10. Newly Built Property £1250.00
11. Gifted Deposit £150.00
12. Drafting of Statutory Declaration/Statement of Truth £400.00
13. Approval of Statutory Declaration/Statement of Truth £200.00
14. Deed of Covenant £150.00
15. Drafting Deed of Trust/Declaration of Trust £350.00 – £500
16. Approval of Deed of Trust/Declaration of Trust £250.00 – £500
17. Licence to Occupy £350.00
18. First Registration with Sale Transaction £350.00
19. Arrangement of Bespoke Indemnity Policy £100.00
20. Repossession Property £200.00
21. Help to Buy ISA £75.00
22. Lifetime ISA £100.00 (per ISA)
23. Auction Property Purchase £500.00
24. Key Undertaking £75.00
25. Bankruptcy Notices (sales only) Up to £750.00
26. Properties affected by Solar Leases £400.00
27. House In Multiple Occupation (occupied) £300.00
28. House In Multiple Occupation (unoccupied) £250.00
29. Sale of Unregistered Property – Freehold £150.00
30. Sale of Unregistered Property – Leasehold £220.00
31. Purchase of Unregistered Property – Freehold £450.00
32. Purchase of Unregistered Property – Leasehold £550.00
33. Statement of Truth for Residential (incl. RX Form) £200.00
34. Tenanted Buy to Let £150.00
35. Shared Ownership – Staircasing £650.00
36. Residential Property with Commercial Mortgage £350.00 – £750.00



The figures quoted are the legal fees only and do not include VAT, Searches, Stamp Duty Land Tax or any other Disbursements.

Please note the list of services is not exhaustive. Should you require assistance for any matters which do not appear in the above Scales, please contact the Residential Conveyancing Department.

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    Everything You Need to Know

    Our fees cover all the necessary work to help you complete the purchase of your new home. This includes registering the property with the Land Registry and handling the payment of Stamp Duty Land Tax (Stamp Duty) if your new home is in England, or Land Transaction Tax (Land Tax) if it's in Wales.

    There are also costs that we pay on your behalf to third parties, known as disbursements. These might include Land Registry fees, among others. We manage these payments to streamline the process for you.

    Please note, these fees can vary depending on the specific property, any related management companies, or freeholders involved. We'll be able to provide a more accurate estimate once we know more about your particular situation.

    For leasehold properties, remember that ground rent and service charges will likely apply throughout your ownership. We'll confirm the exact amounts as soon as we have the details.

    Once you've had an offer accepted and you've chosen us for your conveyancing needs, here’s what happens next:

    1. Financial Review: Your case handler will confirm your financial arrangements are in place to fund the purchase and will contact the lender’s solicitors if necessary.
    2. Contract Review: Preparation and review of contract documents to address any initial concerns or queries.
    3. Conveyancing Searches: These are mandatory and may highlight further queries or issues needing resolution.
    4. Documentation: If required, obtaining necessary planning and Building Regulation documents.
    5. Signing and Funds: Arranging the signing of transaction documents and requesting the balance of purchase funds from you.
    6. Exchange and Completion: We'll agree on a completion date (the day you officially own the property), exchange contracts, and request your mortgage advance. Once exchanged, both parties are legally committed to the transaction.
    7. Final Steps: On the completion day, we'll handle the transfer of funds to the seller’s solicitor and manage the payment of Stamp Duty Land Tax and registration at the Land Registry.

    We strive to make the process as smooth and straightforward as possible, keeping you informed every step of the way.

    Don't worry, you won't need to pay everything upfront. Once you’ve paid the initial deposit or retainer, the remaining balance will be due upon the completion of your home purchase. If you have any questions about how to manage the payment of your solicitor's fees, feel free to ask us directly. We're here to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible for you.

    It's disappointing when a property sale falls through, and it can leave you unexpectedly out of pocket. Typically, you'll need to cover the costs for the time our solicitors have already spent on your case, as well as any searches that have been completed. However, the total fees you'll owe generally depend on how far along we are in the process, so you often won't be responsible for the full amount. We strive to be as fair and transparent as possible in these situations.

    The journey from having your offer accepted to finally holding the keys to your new home can vary significantly, depending on several factors. While we aim to complete the process within 8 to 10 weeks from the moment you instruct us, the actual timeline can be influenced by:

    The length of the property chain and the readiness of all involved parties to proceed to exchange. In situations where the chain is short or non-existent, and mortgage finance is promptly arranged, the exchange of contracts could happen within 4 weeks or even sooner.

    The presence of any complications in your transaction or elsewhere in the chain can also extend the timeline. For instance, transactions involving leasehold properties often require more time due to the extra details needed.

    The effectiveness and responsiveness of other conveyancers in the chain play a crucial role as well. We are committed to moving your sale or purchase forward as swiftly as possible, but the pace can vary depending on the practices of other firms involved.

    We aim to complete straightforward remortgage transactions within 3 to 5 weeks. However, this timeframe can vary based on how quickly we receive the necessary searches and if your lender has additional requirements that need to be addressed.

    Should there be any issues with the property's title, this could extend the timeline as we work diligently to identify and resolve any possible complications. We are committed to keeping the process moving smoothly and will keep you updated every step of the way.

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