Providing you with impartial support from a trained and experienced mediator, to help you reach an accord on all matters.

Family Mediation Solicitors

We offer family law advice on a range of issues.

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We offer an MIAM at a fixed cost of £50 plus VAT

The MIAM is the Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting where your Mediator will fully explain the process to you, determine whether it is appropriate to proceed with mediation and consider the appropriate setting and any measures suitable for you.

The MIAM appointment is a requirement before any Court proceedings can be issued. It is also really helpful in explaining why mediation can be an invaluable viable alternative to Court and the cost, time and family focused benefits that a mediation approach can offer.

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Our Family Law and Mediation department provides expert legal advice from specialists accredited with the Law Society.

What is Mediation

Family mediation allows couples, family members, and friends to work through disagreements without the need to go to court. It is a collaborative process that focuses on finding solutions that meet the needs of both parties. It is a process that encourages the parties to come up with their own solutions, rather than relying on the court to decide their case.

The process can help couples and families to move forward and repair relationships, as well as reach agreements on property, finance, and parenting arrangements. In addition, family mediation can help to reduce the costs of going through the court system, save time and money, and lessen the emotional burden that comes with going to court.

Why Us

Dootsons’ Family Law department understand the emotional strain that comes with dealing with family issues and legal matters. Our team of experienced professionals provide comprehensive knowledge of the law, combined with a compassionate and conciliatory approach.

We are also capable of taking a firm stance, when necessary, to ensure the needs of our clients are met. We strive to provide straightforward advice that is easy to understand, as well as offering detailed cost estimates and flexible payment options.

Our Team

At Dootsons, we believe that excellent customer service is a crucial part of the legal process. We carefully select our staff for both their technical proficiency and their communication abilities.

We are committed to maintaining a personal, collaborative relationship with our clients, keeping you informed of all changes throughout the process. In addition, our firm is accredited by The Law Society and we are members of Resolution, a national body of family lawyers which encourages a non-adversarial approach.

Together, these elements ensure that we provide you with the highest level of service.

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the team

Meet the team

Angie Brown - Head of Family Law & FMCA Family Law Mediator

Angie is the Head of Dootsons Family Team and a highly experienced family law solicitor, court advocate and also a family law mediator. She gained an LLB (Hons) Law Degree and has over 20 years of experience practising family law, she is a member of Resolution, and also earned the Law Society Panel and Advanced Panel status.

In May 2010 Angie received recognised status as an interpersonal mediator and in 2012 became accredited to Practice All Issues of Family Law Mediation, giving her FMCA status and enabling her to offer specialist family law mediation and MIAMS that provide an alternative approach to resolving any family issues or disputes.