Our specialist Family Law Team is able to provide advice to separating couples who have never married.

Family Services

We are able to advise on financial and property matters in detail.

We will provide advice about applications for maintenance for children and
how to address any property disputes and whether or not either party has obtained an interest in a property irrespective of whether the property is in joint names and advice on rights of occupation.

We will advise about dispute resolution methods such as mediation and how
best to address other financial issues such as endowment policies, other property that either party may have and debts and loans that may have been incurred either in joint or individual names.

We can also provide advice about Separation Agreements and Separation Deeds setting out details of any settlement terms reached.

Where disputes over property cannot be resolved amicably, we will advise on applications that can be made to the Court under the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996 in relation to applying for an order for sale and a declaration of your interest in a property.

Our Family Law Team has substantial experience in these areas and can provide advice on timescales and costs.

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    Angie Brown - Head of Family Law & FMCA Family Law Mediator

    Angie is the Head of Dootsons Family Team and a highly experienced family law solicitor, court advocate and also a family law mediator. She gained an LLB (Hons) Law Degree and has over 20 years of experience practising family law, she is a member of Resolution, and also earned the Law Society Panel and Advanced Panel status.

    In May 2010 Angie received recognised status as an interpersonal mediator and in 2012 became accredited to Practice All Issues of Family Law Mediation, giving her FMCA status and enabling her to offer specialist family law mediation and MIAMS that provide an alternative approach to resolving any family issues or disputes.