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Whether separated, considering separation / divorce, or already within Divorce proceedings. Making informed choices is extremely important for your future.

Life-altering decisions are on the horizon. That's why it's crucial to make informed choices that set you up for a better future. At Dootsons, we're here to guide you every step of the way with tailored advice that meets your individual needs.

How Dootsons Stands By You at Every Stage

Whether you’re just starting to consider legal options or already in the thick of things, Dootsons moves at your speed. We believe that family arrangements and relationships evolve beyond separation and our experienced solicitors have that in mind when giving advice. We know that when the lawyers and Courts go away, you need to feel empowered to deal with the aftermath post-divorce / post-separation, especially when there are children and/or an extended family involved. The legal advice our solicitors will give you is designed to prepare you for your life after, so you’re ready to face the next chapter.

Comprehensive Legal Support for Every Aspect of Your Journey

From Separation Agreements and the nuances of ‘Uncoupling,’ to Child Arrangements and Financial Resolutions, we cover it all. You’ll get the expert advice needed to navigate your specific circumstances, whether you’re looking for short-term solutions or planning for your long-term future.

Navigating the Modern Landscape of Online No-Fault Divorce

The world of divorce is changing. With the advent of Online No-Fault Divorce, it's easier than ever to feel lost or confused. Dootsons' experienced solicitors will provide clarity and direction, ensuring your financial and family interests are safeguarded in a way that online systems can't guarantee.

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Thinking about getting professional legal advice but worried about the cost? Book an initial fixed fee meeting at just £150+VAT with a specialist divorce solicitor. It's an investment in your future that offers you the expertise and guidance you need right now.

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Understanding the Cost: A Detailed Fee Breakdown

Complete transparency is important to us. That's why we provide a clear and detailed breakdown of all potential fees involved in your case. Navigate to our fee page to explore what costs might be relevant to you.

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