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Mediation Resources

At Dootsons our Head of Mediation, Angie Brown has practised Mediation for over 10 years and has championed it as an alternative family oriented forum for resolution for over 20 years.  It is no surprise therefore that Angie was one of the first to establish a local mediation Pod Group for like-minded professionals in the Merseyside area and has brought that enthusiasm with her to Dootsons.

Angie is involved in helping to support and pioneer mediation services at a National as well as a Local Level, and as a result is able to offer a wealth of information to clients directly and professional contacts alike.  You will therefore find on this page some useful information to assist you, whether you are considering mediation as a prospective client and wondering what it entails, or as a solicitor wondering how to best engage with Mediation as a preamble to Court within existing legal services

You will find below some useful resources as well as and links for online training sessions and online events that can help you if you are separating or assist fellow professionals who may want to offer more to their clients about what a positive and effective process mediation can be:-


Family mediation can help you if you are separating – learn more at these free, online events during Family Mediation Week 16-20 Jan

FMA CIM Video An introduction to Child Inclusive Mediation from FMA
Tom’s Story An introduction to Child Inclusive Mediation from the University of Exeter
Top Tips for Separated Parents Top Tips from the Family Justice Young People’s Board
Separated Parents Information Programme Information about the SPIP from CAFCASS
A survival guide to sorting out your finances when you get divorced From Advicenow
Survival Guide to Pensions on Divorce From Advicenow
Pensions on Divorce – what should you do? (short film) From Advicenow
How to fill in your financial statement (Form E) (film) From Advicenow
A survival guide to sorting out child arrangements From Advicenow
Getting affordable advice from a family solicitor via Advicenow From Advicenow
101 Questions Answered about Separating with Children A book put together by Only Dads and Only Mums with various professional contributors
Parenting Apart: How divorced and separated parents can raise happy and secure kids By Christina McGhee

We offer mediation services face to face as well as expanding our services to an online forum so they can be offered to anyone who wishes to engage and obtain further information about how mediation could help them and their family.

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Angie Brown - Head of Family Law & FMCA Family Law Mediator

Angie is the Head of Dootsons Family Team and a highly experienced family law solicitor, court advocate and also a family law mediator. She gained an LLB (Hons) Law Degree and has over 20 years of experience practising family law, she is a member of Resolution, and also earned the Law Society Panel and Advanced Panel status.

In May 2010 Angie received recognised status as an interpersonal mediator and in 2012 became accredited to Practice All Issues of Family Law Mediation, giving her FMCA status and enabling her to offer specialist family law mediation and MIAMS that provide an alternative approach to resolving any family issues or disputes.