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Discrimination in the workplace can occur on a number of grounds

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Discrimination and Whistle Blowing

Discrimination in the workplace can occur on a number of grounds:

  • Sex/gender
  • Race
  • Disability
  • Age
  • Sexual orientation
  • Pregnancy
  • Religious beliefs

Being discriminated against for one of the above reasons can result in a successful employment tribunal claim against the employer. These types of claims can be emotional and complex. Early dialogue can help resolve issues and potential claims.

Whistle Blowing

Employers should have an interest in uncovering wrongdoing or dangerous practices within the business. They must balance this with the effect releasing details about the practices to people outside the business. Employees who make disclosures to people outside the business about practices they are concerned about can be referred to as whistleblowers.

If an employee is dismissed because he or she has made a “protected disclosure”, it can be automatically unfair giving rise to a substantial claim. “A protective disclosure” has a technical meaning and what the employee has actually done needs to be considered carefully against the legislation.

The dismissal of an employee in a whistle blowing situation must be considered carefully before action is taken. Having a whistle blowing policy in place can help avoid problems about disclosures happening in the first place.

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