Unfair Dismissal

The dismissal of an employee can be unfair for a number of reasons.

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Unfair Dismissal

The dismissal of an employee can be unfair for a number of reasons. A claim for unfair dismissal must be brought in the employment tribunal and is usually brought because there was no fair reason for the dismissal or because the procedure followed in the dismissal process was unfair.

The unfair dismissal of an employee can leave the employee in a vulnerable position if unable to find a new job. It can leave an employer facing a costly claim to defend and potentially a significant award to compensate the employee. Early action and negotiation are key to see if terms can be reached and litigation avoided.

Referral to ACAS for employee claims is now compulsory, before a claim can be commenced in the employment tribunal.

If you are concerned about an unfair dismissal situation, whether an employer or employee, please contact us.

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