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At Dootsons, we recognise that not everyone wants a Solicitor throughout their divorce and would much prefer to take full control themselves, allowing them to avoid the cost of legal fees.

However, going it alone, can be a daunting and worrying concept, particularly if you have no legal knowledge and want to avoid the trips and traps that can come if you don't know how to complete online forms right or understand the impact of timing the progression of your case.

We understand that.

Therefore we want to ensure that we can extend our services to help everyone who needs it, on whatever budget and with any level of legal knowledge or understanding.

What Are The Benefits of This Option

That is why we came up with our off-the shelf divorce guide “Do Divorce”. It offers the DIY-divorcer some key insights into planning, progressing and completing your divorce under the new system, providing you with the key knowledge necessary, which will enable you to navigate this process without falling foul of the many laws and rules that surround the seemingly simplified new online system.

This is a single cost, single purchase guide to completing your divorce for yourself.

There are no hidden fees or extra charges.

At any stage, should you want the flexibility of seeking legal advices though one of our other fee services, our flexible options enable you to access those just as simply as your indispensable guide to “Do Divorce”.

COMING SOON - Guide to Divorce

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