Pay As You Go Fee Option

This is the most common form of fee payment solicitors' offer and has been a standard practice of most solicitors for many years.

Costs are charged based upon the hourly rate of your solicitor. The total costs depend overall therefore on how much work you instruct your solicitor to do for you. The more work, the more it will cost.

What Are The Benefits of This Option

We charge on a PAYG basis each month. So whatever level of service you want from your Solicitor, we will send you a bill every month for the work completed that month and you have to pay as you progress your case on a month-by-month basis.

We can provide you with a fully itemised monthly breakdown of your costs.

To help you manage your account, we will allocate you a personal client account. This can then be used to pay money into to help you budget ahead of time so those funds can then be used to offset your monthly bills.

We will help you manage this account and give you indications of the sort of funds to pay into your account to try and help you budget for your costs as your case progresses.

What you see, is what you get! You are literally charged for the time spent on your case. There are no hidden charges.

You have a fully professional and personalised service throughout your case from start to finish, with an allocated family solicitor, family executive or paralegal throughout the entirety of your case and the full weight of our highly experienced team behind you.

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