CAFCASS are the Children Family Court Advisory and Support Service that represent children in family Court cases in England.  They independently advise the Family Courts about what is safe for the children and in their best interests.  The Courts regard CAFCASS Officers as the accepted experts in child matters and the recommendations from CAFCASS are very highly regarded by them.

On 9th February 2023 CAFCASS published a new range of advice for parents and professionals who are involved within Family Court proceedings.

At Dootsons we felt it was really important to be transparent about those so that everyone can benefit from understanding the process and looking at different ways of trying to address issues that may have arisen in respect of their children or as a result of or impending separation.

CAFCASS top tips

  1. “Court proceedings should be the last resort. Court can be expensive and you may not get the desired outcome.  Think of other ways to resolve the issues such as mediation before going to Court.
  2. Court proceedings can take a long time. The length and time can damage your child’s emotional wellbeing and their relationships with both parents.
  3. If your child is struggling emotionally speak to professionals and see support from their school or GP.
  4. The Court process is traumatic for everyone involved. Remember to take care of your own well-being during this process.
  5. When the important adults have good communication with each other, the child/children can see that they have their best interests at heart.
  6. Both parents love their child and want the best for them. Arguing and criticising each other in from of your child may make them think otherwise.
  7. Avoid sharing your current difficulties on Social Media as your child may become aware, causing them upset and embarrassment.
  8. Please encourage and support your child’s relationship with all of the grandparents and other family members. They love your child too and want to maintain a relationship with them.”

Dootsons Solicitors offer a range of different ways to try and address some of these issues.  Our main objective is trying to help families evolve beyond conflict and separation. To do this we provide a range of services and fee structures to suit most clients.

What does this include?

We currently have the benefit of the Government Voucher Scheme towards mediation and we can offer mediation appointments with £500 off per family under that scheme.

We also offer a fixed fee initial meeting to enable clients to get a bespoke and specific advice from an experienced lawyer in this area specific to their own individual circumstances.

You can trust us to help you every step of the way!

No two cases are the same. This can be extremely important and very helpful to try and reassure anyone going through these issues or indeed, may want to get advice before they consider taking the next steps.

At Dootsons, we recognise that families in 2023 are not how families looked in 1989, when the Children Act was originally written.  We offer and advise all our clients about the modern approach to dealing with these issues and how the Courts can also take these approaches, as well as assisting you in making important and very significant decisions regarding your family’s future.

To get in touch or to find out more about mediation, our fixed fee initial meeting or to speak with a member of our team please contact Claire Houlton on or 01925 761047.